If I Had The Time and Money, I’d Like to Get Better at…Playing Tennis

My freshman year of high school was the first time I picked up a racket and began playing tennis or any sport for that matter. I “tried out” for the team two weeks into the season because they needed more girls for the JV team. I was very unprepared considering I brought a child’s size racket without knowing it was too small. After the first week or so I surprisingly really liked playing.

The only tennis exposure I got throughout my four years playing,however, was for the 3 months of the season and a month before to prepare myself for tryouts. You would think that since I really liked it I would have played more often. Well I would have if tennis lessons weren’t so expensive. After my freshman year season ended, I wanted to get better at my game so I started looking into lessons; a majority of the lessons places were offering started at $400 for twice a week for 4 weeks. Considering I was a broke little freshman taking lessons was not going to happen. Nor did they have happen in those four years.

As of right now, I am an average tennis player with a decent amount of skills but I wish I a lot better. I wish I would have put more money in to the sport and paid for lessons and extremely good quality equipment. Tennis is any age sport and I do plan on continuing to play even after I graduate, but if I had the time and money I would have loved to been a tennis play and possibly even qualified for state.


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