In our society today, everyone wants to be seen by others in a particular way, whatever that may be. In order to be seen in that way, it easiest to use social medias. In the book Terms of Service by Jacob Silverman, he brings forth this concept of confessionalism, in which individuals “try to regain control over how others see us,” by catering the things we post to highlight our desired self.

In terms of myself, I post things that reflect me, however I filter out the bad and only post the good. I want to shape myself as an outgoing person who is always out and about doing things and not at home watching The Office or Parks and Recreation (which is what I actually do the majority of the time). I also have a certain way I want all my pictures to look on my Instagram; everything has to be bright and colorful.


I don’t think confessionalism is a bag thing. However, I understand how it does not show one’s true self and isn’t a good representation of the individual. Despite that though I think of it more as a way to emphasize the parts of yourself you like the most and want to show others. So in my opinion its acceptable for that reason.


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