Cyber Comfort Zone

Generally, I am a very busy person, having school and sports, that I just like many things to be quick and easy. Therefore like many other, I'm quick to just hit accept and I don't take the time to read the Terms of Service for everything I sign up for. With that comes the assumption that I can … Continue reading Cyber Comfort Zone


5 Types of People That I Hate

Here lies a small compilation of some of the people that bug me (note: there is more than what is listed): 1. People who don't use their turn signals. Stop being lazy, your hand isn't that busy. Plus, it's that law. 2. People who borrow things and don't return them.  I bought it and you … Continue reading 5 Types of People That I Hate


In our society today, everyone wants to be seen by others in a particular way, whatever that may be. In order to be seen in that way, it easiest to use social medias. In the book Terms of Service by Jacob Silverman, he brings forth this concept of confessionalism, in which individuals "try to regain control over … Continue reading Confessionalism