Climate Change

For the past few year climate change has become one of the most debated topics among politicians and people in general. Some say that it is a real issue and that if not acted upon soon can lead to some serious problems. Others believe that its all a hoax and is not actually happening. Personally, I think global warming can very well be a thing and it should be taken care of.

There are many ideas on why global warming exists. One of those ideas is that it has to do with the amount of fossil fuels that are burned, which are releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, called greenhouse gases. Other theories are based on the idea that the change in climate is due to the sun’s magnetic field and the amount of energy the earth receives.

Despite there not being a clear explanation as to why are Earth’s climate is rising, the damage that is being done is obvious. In Bangladesh, for example, sea levels are rising to the point in which villages are beginning to flood. The reason for the rise in sea levels is due to the melting of glaciers. With the climate changing, many animal’s homes are being destroyed or completely altered.

There are many organizations and groups who want to make a difference for the better. The Nature Conservancy is one of those organizations and in attempts of taking action they created a petition  on, to call upon world leaders to help combat climate change and make Earth a healthier planet for the future. I one hundred percent support this petition because it is a small way to cause a great impact and with enough support big things can happen. Action needs to be taken before it’s too late and with this petition, we’re one step closer.


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