I have been described in a number of ways but one way that stands out the most to me is being called the “mom” of the group. Most friend groups have one person who is deemed the “mom” and that person is typically a mini-mom who is always looking out for her friends. 

As the mom, I am always there for my friends no matter what it is. I support them in everything they do and I’m constantly encouraging them. Since a majority of my friends play sports, one of my goals is to attend at least one of their games/meets during the season, if I don’t have a match of my own. I like when my friends feel special and I think that’s one way to make it happen. During the fall sports season, I went to my friends’ cross country meets, most of boys soccer team’s games, and cheered the tennis team’s best player at every match all the way to state.


Also, like most real moms, I am always prepared for everything and like planning things out to the T. I’m the friend who always brings snacks and all the other little things that people tend to forget and I give advice about everything little thing all the time, sometimes to the point where I’m referred to as “Dr. Kiana.” I tend to look out for my friends since they are extremely important to me and I don’t mind being called the mom because it suits me. However, the worst part about being the mom is always trying to mend things if there’s a fight, not pick sides (even if someone is clearly in the wrong), and just in general make sure everyone is cool with one another.


Being the friend mom can be stressful at times but I wouldn’t want my friends defining me in any other way. I like the idea that my friends think of me as someone who is responsible, caring, and dependable. It genuinely makes happy knowing that they can trust me and they can come to me with whatever problems they have.

I love being the mom.


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