Women Are Worth More

Today a majority of the ads that are on TV are sexist and portray men and women in their stereotypical roles. Women are constantly being placed in subjective ads that make them appear as if they were powerless and sex objects. Men, on the other hand, are made out to seem strong and tough.


In the ad above, the women is being dominated by the male on top of her, which in turns makes her look weak. She is also being sexualized by wearing a tight outfit that reveals a lot of skin. The men in the ad, however, demonstrate this idea of male power, in which they are dominant and assertive. Ads like this are used by so many companies because it gets one’s attention but for women it diminishes their worth.

The problem of portraying women in such a demeaning way is highlighted in the Verizon “Inspire Her Mind.” The ad follows the life of girl as she’s growing up being constantly told that she should stop doing things that are not “girl like.” Eventually she falls into the stereotype that females can’t do certain things; in her case do science related things.

With ads similar to the Dolce & Gabana one being regularly played on TV, displayed on billboards, and posted to other media outlets, women begin to believe that they have to become that image and that’s all they can be. Women need to break the trend of sexualized ads and show to society that they are more than just objects and they can’t be used promote a business’s products.


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