Phrases like “you hit like a girl,” or “you run like a girl” are typical examples of figurative language used within our society; however no one tends to think about the effect it could have on young girls. Always created this campaign in order to inspire young girls to be something more than what society wants them to be, to break those stereotypes, and to make “like a girl” mean something positive.

In the mini series of videos that Always has created, they incorporate various female pro-athletes to help inspire girls that the limitations society puts on them do not have to define them. They also include average girls of all ages in their videos to describe what being a girl means to them. Always effectively brings the point across that using “like a girl” comes off as an insult and diminishes the small amount of confidence girls have in their early teen years. By using the small catchy slogan and promoting the campaign throughout social medias, Always is successful in encouraging and motivating young girls, and even older girls, to be whatever they want to be.



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